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You’re unsure about your investments & know you need a plan.

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Monitoring and reviewing your situation is key to success!

If you choose to proceed with us, we set you up on a program where for a low monthly or quarterly fee, we can review the plan, provide you with continuing education on the markets and personal finance, and ensure you stay on track.

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From our clients
Kimmi N.Kanchan T.Heather T.Jason C.Nawaaz N.CandaceSehra B.Brian
"I arrived at a point where I realized my bank no longer worked for me and where I wanted to expand my options in investing. I am fortunate that Naheed has provided the value I was seeking. He has helped me increase my knowledge and improve my confidence with investing. As a result, I have diversified my portfolio in a manner I am comfortable with, I have more control over my money, and have significantly reduced what I used to have to pay in management fees."
Kimmi N.
"I've been wanting to put my money away in some investments for the past 3 years, but I've kept holding it off only because I never felt confident enough. Naheed helped me understand different options and gave me tips and advice that gave me clarification on which decision I had to make. I felt very comfortable with him and he's very honest and transparent with his answers."
Kanchan T.
"I had a one-on-one meeting with Naheed, he helped me with renting out my condo. He helped with everything from trying to set a rent, find and screen good tenants, gave me a sample rental form, just basically helped me from start to finish! He is very knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly ethical and honest. Finances are stressful enough without having to worry if your advisor is really acting in your best interests! If you want honest, knowledgeable, unbiased advice, I definitely recommend Conscious Wealth!"
Heather T.
"Our problem was not being sure if we were on the right path to meet our financial goals and I was very concerned that i would not be able to meet my financial goals when i planned on retiring. I knew that our advisor was not making money off the advice they were recommending and that allowed me to trusted that i would get honest advice that was in my best interest. I knew the product was working when we were getting advice that was in our best interest not that of the advisor. After our meetings, I am now able to focus my energy on meeting the financial goal we identified together."
Jason C.
"I had a Skype meeting with Naheed. It was extremely helpful in giving me some tools to think about who my advisor was, is he doing a good job for me...what are my investments right now, and what could/should they be. The meeting with Naheed gave me a lot of things to think about, and I really think it gave me the tools and confidence to have a more in-depth conversation with my advisor. Naheed was really easy to talk to, and open and honest with his advice. Thanks Naheed!!"
Nawaaz N.
"I attended one of Conscious Wealth's "Empower Your Money, Empower Your Life!" sessions and found it to be very informative and valuable. Already I have implemented a few of the things I learned and look forward to seeking further advice from Naheed in the future."
"I had a one on one consult with Naheed. It was such a productive meeting and I would do it again and recommend it to everyone. There was no selling products. He explained in very simple terms as I don't know the big words. I never learned so in most of my life time. I wish I had met him earlier. I learned about long term investment. But its never too late. I also got tips on banking and budgeting. Thank so much Naheed."
Sehra B.
"When we met Naheed at Conscious Wealth we were just starting our journey into the investment world. After doing some initial research we wanted to seek out a conflict-free advisor who wasn't being incentivized by various sales commissions, like so many advisors today are. Our experience with Naheed definitely set us on the right path for our finances and we are forever grateful. I have already recommended the services of Conscious Wealth to my family members and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for good, genuine, financial advice. We will continue to use Conscious Wealth's services throughout our investment journey! Thank you!"

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A 30 minute consult to explore your options with Conscious Wealth – in person or via web chat.