2019 – A Year to Remember

The TSX was up 19% for the year.  Did you participate?  The vast majority of funds underperform their benchmark index – take off another 2-2.5% in fees, and you’re not doing too great in mediocre years.  But in a year like that, everyone should have been happy. The S&P500 was up 190% for the decade.  […]

Steadyhand Funds – Where to From Here? Investor Event.

Steadyhand Funds. What a rockstar team! These folks really deliver. Simple presentation, a focus on behavioural finance, low cost investing. The founders and major owners don’t need to be doing this, but they know they have a duty to disrupt the old guard. Average investment fee is UNDER 1%. Why? How? They give discounts to […]

Ethical Investing

What is ‘Ethical Investing’? We are reaching an inflection point – a point where only considering traditional financial factors could be a costly decision.  As we roll into 2020, Blackrock, the worlds largest investment management firm, says focusing on sustainability is key to investment success.  Read this link for more on the $7 trillion giant. Can […]