2019 – A Year to Remember

The TSX was up 19% for the year. 

Did you participate?  The vast majority of funds underperform their benchmark index – take off another 2-2.5% in fees, and you’re not doing too great in mediocre years.  But in a year like that, everyone should have been happy.

The S&P500 was up 190% for the decade.  Many who felt the full brunt of the financial crisis either never went back into the markets, or, were excessively conservative in the years that followed.

Gold ended up over $1500, finishing the year with an 18% gain.  Oil had a great run, with Brent closing at $66 and WTI at $61.

But much of the glory went to the Nasdaq – up 35% in a year which saw its stars, Microsoft and Apple, end up in the trillion dollar range.

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