The rally continues – but don’t valuations matter??

Canadian and US markets are at all time highs, inflation is at multi-decade highs, and leaders still say inflation is transitory.  How can they be so sure?  US valuations are at very high levels no matter which metrics are used.  In the short term, valuations often have little correlation with the markets – but in […]

Have the markets forgotten about the 2nd wave?

The US Market movement – post COVID collapse Earnings down, stocks up!  How strange indeed.  Trillions in stimulus will do that.  Sadly, the arrogance (or ignorance) of a nation means many are back out to play – and that has led to a surge in new cases.  Thought the US market was essentially flat for […]

2019 – A Year to Remember

The TSX was up 19% for the year.  Did you participate?  The vast majority of funds underperform their benchmark index – take off another 2-2.5% in fees, and you’re not doing too great in mediocre years.  But in a year like that, everyone should have been happy. The S&P500 was up 190% for the decade.  […]

Fake Financial News

Hello Friends, Conscious Wealth encourages the public to obtain completely independent, unbiased, objective advice.  Often, we don’t know where to obtain that advice, or that this kind of advice even exists.  Or, we assume that the system will protect us, and that the institutions we deal with are already operating at this level.   Unfortunately, nearly […]

Steadyhand Funds – Where to From Here? Investor Event.

Steadyhand Funds. What a rockstar team! These folks really deliver. Simple presentation, a focus on behavioural finance, low cost investing. The founders and major owners don’t need to be doing this, but they know they have a duty to disrupt the old guard. Average investment fee is UNDER 1%. Why? How? They give discounts to […]

Ethical Investing

What is ‘Ethical Investing’? We are reaching an inflection point – a point where only considering traditional financial factors could be a costly decision.  As we roll into 2020, Blackrock, the worlds largest investment management firm, says focusing on sustainability is key to investment success.  Read this link for more on the $7 trillion giant. Can […]

Assessing Market Dips / Corrections

I just invested, why is the market dropping so much!? The Nasdaq dropped by over 300 points on Wednesday October 10th, its worst performance of 2018.  On the 11th, the slide continued as it lost another 90 points  and entered correction territory.  The Dow dropped 832 points on Wednesday and another 545 points on Thursday, […]

Is saving 10% really enough for most people?

You’ve heard it before!  You should ‘pay yourself first’. We often hear 10% is a good start.  Where does that number come from??  Let’s test it out with an example! Jane is 30 and earning $60,000 a year, and she’ll pay about 20% in tax (that’s $12,000).  Jane now has $48,000 to spend!  She manages […]

Questions Investors have about Advisory Relationships

These are some common questions we get here at Conscious Wealth!  Along with some thoughts to get you going down the right path. How do I know I’m getting value from my financial advisor? Start by asking, was I provided with a plan? And do they initiate updates to it? How do I choose a […]

5 ways to invest your money

People often ask – I’m ready to invest, now what?  Here are 5 ways you can get going. Setup a Discount Brokerage account. Ask us for more information on where to do this! Setup an account with a RoboAdvisor. These are popping up all over, and give you a chance to track the indexes while […]