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Conscious Wealth encourages the public to obtain completely independent, unbiased, objective advice.  Often, we don’t know where to obtain that advice, or that this kind of advice even exists.  Or, we assume that the system will protect us, and that the institutions we deal with are already operating at this level.   Unfortunately, nearly 95% of so called ‘advisors’ don’t operate at a fiduciary standard.  Learn more about this through IFIC, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.

There are 3 names that are used for advice that is free of conflicts as remuneration is not based on 3rd parties.  These names are: fee for service, fee only, or advice only.  A money coach may also be a conflict free option, but as with anyone, be sure to understand their qualifications.

Here is an example of an article filled with fallacies and mistruths.  Be very careful around conflicts with regards to financial news.  As obtained straight from the authors profile, the goal is to get subscribers: ‘an expert financial writer that writes articles to convert readers into subscribers’.  If you have any questions about an article or information you read, feel free to contact us.


While the above may not be the type of article that gets the SEC’s attention, here is more on the topic.

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