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3 point inspection
Get a financial check-up on your investments with our rigorous tool that measures the 3 key areas of portfolio health. For larger portfolios, request a 5-Point Inspection.
1-to-1 Coaching
Choose our most popular service that gives you one year of personalized coaching and guidance, starting with a detailed financial assessment. Also great for couples.
One-off Advice
Get ready to navigate your big life decisions like buying property or a new home, starting a business or getting life insurance with our custom consultation.
Advisor Audit
Make sure your advisor is best fit for you, and that they’re legally required to serve your best interests, so you and your family can feel secure about your investments.

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Get peace of mind that your money is working for you

Canadians everywhere want to know how their money is being invested, that they’re making good choices, and that the advisor or institution they’re working with is working in their best interests.  Many have recently discovered that the vast majority of industry representatives are licensed as salespeople, not fiduciaries.  Conscious Wealth removes ALL conflicts of interest and provides transparency, not just disclosure.  We offer a variety of services rarely offered by the financial services industry.
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Meet Naheed Gilani, CFA, CFP

As the founder of Conscious Wealth, Naheed took over a decade of experience in the financial services industry and put together an offering based on what people asked for – and what has become apparent and obviously needed from a deluge of media reports – a conflict-free, no sales approach to taking care of money.  By understanding what people care about, Conscious Wealth can empower you to achieve your goals faster.  Naheed has a specific passion for Socially Responsible Investing and evaluating companies on the basis of more than just profits.  He believes that money is a very powerful tool that when used wisely, can lead to a more fulfilling life.

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Get in touch with Conscious Wealth and we'll send you our free guide "Top 5 Questions to ask a Financial Advisor."